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Vincent Sherman

Director of such films as:

'The Return of Doctor X (1939), 'Saturday's Children' (1940), 'The Man Who Talked Too Much' (1940), 'Flight from Destiny' (1941), 'Underground' (1941), 'All Through The Night' (1942), 'The Hard Way' (1943), 'Old Acquaintance' (1943),
'In Our Time' (1944), 'Mr Skeffington' (1944), 'Pillow to Post' (1945), 'Janie Gets Married' (1946), 'Nora Prentiss (1947), 'The Unfaithful' (1947), 'The Adventures of Don Juan' (1948), 'The Hasty Heart' (1949), 'BackFire' (1950), 'The Damned Don't Cry' (1950), 'Harriet Craig' (1950), 'Goodbye, My Fancy' (1951), 'Lone Star' (1952), 'Affair in Trinidad' (1952), 'The Garment Jungle' (1957), 'The Naked Earth' (1958), '77 Sunset Strip' TV (1958), 'The Young Philadelphians' (1959), 'Ice Palace' (1960), 'A Fever in the Blood' (1961), 'The Second Time Around' (1961), 'Sally and Sam' TV (1965), 'The Long, Hot Summer' TV (1965), 'Cervantes' (1967), 'Alias Smith and Jones' TV (1971), 'The Waltons' TV (1972), 'Baretta' TV (1975), 'Executive Suite' TV (1976), 'The Last Hurrah' TV (1977), 'Lady of the House' TV (1978), 'Women at Westpoint' TV (1979), 'Bogie' TV (1980), 'The Dream Merchants' TV (1980) and 'Savage in the Orient' TV(1983).

The following people participated in this documentary.


Angie Dickinson, Richard Todd,
Barbara Rush, Theodore Bikel,
Virginia Mayo, George Chakiris and
Joan Leslie

Roy Huggins
This documentary has been completed and edited. "All rights releases" have been obtained from each of the above people who participated in this documentary.

The above documentary is available for licencing/private viewing on DVD from Henderson’s Film Industries.
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Vincent Sherman

Vincent Sherman
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