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Mark Rydell

Director of such films as:

'The Fox' (1967), 'The Reivers' (1969), 'The Cowboys' (1972), 'Cinderella Liberty' (1973), 'Family' TV (1976), 'Harry and Walter Go to New York' (1976), 'The Rose' (1979), 'On Golden Pond' (1981), 'The River' (1984), 'For the Boys' (1991), 'Intersection' (1994), 'Crime of the Century' TV (1996), 'James Dean' TV (2001) and 'Even Money' (2006).

The following people participated in this documentary.


James Caan, Dabney Coleman, Elliot Gould, Martin Landau, Frederic Forrest.

Billy Williams, William A. Fraker, Vilmos Zsigmond and Robbie Greenberg.

John Williams.

This documentary has been completed and edited. "All rights releases" have been obtained from each of the above people who participated in this documentary.

The above documentary is available for licencing/private viewing on DVD from Henderson’s Film Industries.
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Mark Rydell

Mark Rydell
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