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Edward Dmytryk

Director of such films as:

'The Hawk' (1935), 'Television Spy' (1939), 'Emergency Squad' (1940), 'Golden Gloves' (1940), 'Mystery Sea Raider' (1940), 'Her First Romance' (1940), 'The Devil Commands' (1941), 'Under Age' (1941), 'Sweetheart of the Campus (1941), 'The Blonde from Singapore' (1941), 'Secrets of the Lone Wolf' (1941), 'Confessions of Boston Blackie' (1941), 'Counter-Espionage' (1942), 'Seven Miles from Alcatraz' (1942), 'Hitler's Children' (1943), 'The Falcon Strikes Back' (1943), 'Captive Wild Woman' (1943), 'Behind the Rising Sun' (1943), 'Tender Comrade '(1943), 'Murder My Sweet (Farewell My Lovely- UK title)' (1944), 'Back to Bataan' (1945), 'Cornered' (1945), 'Til the End of Time' (1946), 'Crossfire' (1947), 'So Well Remembered' (1947), 'Obsession' (1949), 'Christ in Concrete (Give us This Day- UK Title)' (1949), 'Mutiny' (1952), 'The Sniper' (1952), 'Eight Iron Men' (1952), 'Three Lives' (1953), 'The Juggler' (1953), 'The Caine Mutiny' (1954), 'Broken Lance' (1954), 'The End of the Affair' (1955), 'Soldier of Fortune' (1955), 'The Left Hand of God' (1955), 'The Mountain' (1956), 'Raintree County' (1957), 'The Young Lions' (1958), 'Warlock' (1959), 'The Blue Angel' (1959), 'Walk on the Wild Side' (1962), 'The Reluctant Saint (1962), 'The Carpetbaggers' (1964), 'Where Love Has Gone' (1964), 'Mirage' (1965), Alvarez Kelly' (1966), 'Anzio' (1968), 'Shalako' (1968), 'Bluebeard' (1972), 'The Human Factor' (1975) 'He is My Brother' (1976), and 'Not Only Strangers' (1979).

The following people participated in this documentary.


Sir John Mills, Theodore Bikel, Maximilian Schell and Robert Wagner

Producer: Euan Lloyd
Screenwriters: Edward Anhalt and Philip Yordan
Composer: Elmer Bernstein 
Camera Operator: Alan Hume

This documentary has been completed and edited. "All rights releases" have been obtained from each of the above people who participated in this documentary.

The above documentary is available for licencing/private viewing on DVD from Henderson’s Film Industries.
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Edward Dmytryk

Edward Dmytryk
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