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Delbert Mann

Academy Award Director of such films as:

'Marty' Academy Award (1955), 'Bachelor Party' (1957),
'Desire Under the Elms' (1958), 'Seperate Tables' (1958), 'Middle of the Night' (1959), 'The Dark at the Top of the Stairs' (1960), 'Lover Come Back' (1961), 'The Outsider' (1961), 'That Touch of Mink' (1962), 'A Gathering of Eagles' (1963), 'Quick Before It Melts' (1964), 'Dear Heart' (1964), 'Mister Buddwing' (1966), 'Fitzwilly' (1967), 'The Pink Jungle' (1968), 'Heidi' TV (1968), David Copperfield' TV (1969), 'Jane Eyre' (1970), 'Kidnapped' (1971), 'The Man Without a Country' TV (1973), 'A Girl Named Sooner' TV (1975), 'Birch Interval' (1977), 'Breaking Up' TV (1978), 'All Quiet on the Western Front' TV (1979), 'Night Crossing' (1981), 'The Member of the Wedding' TV (1982), 'Bronte' (1983), 'The Last Days of Patton' (1986), 'April Morning' TV (1988), 'Iron Clads' TV (1991), 'Against Her Will: An Incident in Baltimore' TV (1992), 'Incident in a Small Town' TV (1994) and 'Lily In Winter' (1994).

The following people participated in this documentary.


Charlton Heston, Ernest Borgnine,
Jean Simmons, Beau Bridges, Rod Steiger, Don Murray, Kevin McCarthy,
Eva Marie Saint and Maximilian Schell

Producers: Walter Seltzer and Walter Mirisch
Composers: Elmer Bernstein, David Raksin,
John Williams and Leonard Rosenman
Screenwriter: David Shaw

This documentary has been completed and edited. "All rights releases" have been obtained from each of the above people who participated in this documentary.

The above documentary is available for licencing/private viewing on DVD from Henderson’s Film Industries.
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Delbert Mann

Delbert Mann
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